shoesShoes. Most pilots don’t give their shoes a second thought and rock up to their airline interview in comfy RM Williams flying boots, toes scuffed, in need of a good polish and looking decidedly worn.

Why? Because: ‘That’s what I fly in, can’t fly the SIM in new shoes can I?’ is something I regularly hear.

I often forget to tell candidates this during the interview preparation because I’m so busy ensuring everything they are saying is on the mark. But here’s my final word on shoes:

HR Managers, Chief Pilots and Check & Training Captains all look at your shoes. I know because they tell me. It’s called ‘attention to detail’ and if you present badly at interview, this is the standard you will bring to their airline.

Golden Rule: take your scuffed flying boots for the SIM, but always always wear a formal high shine shoe to the interview. Hey, that sorta rhymes.

You get my point.

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