I was recently called a disrupter. I had never placed that particular label on myself, however it instantly resonated.

I am. I do things my own quirky way, I tend not to follow trends, I don’t watch my competition, I play devils advocate, I question all the time.

Yes I was that annoying child, relentlessly asking “But why?”

Disrupters innovate, disrupters have initiative, disrupters disrupt the social norms, cause change, advocate ideas.

So I am more than happy to wear that label.

Anyone who has that rebellious streak is a natural at disrupting. Being a rebel is a good attribute; I have always thought that, if guided into a productive medium of course.

Those with an entrepreneurial bent have a vision, one that usually differs from how things are traditionally done. It is that vision that disrupts the status quo. You see how quickly technology changes, disruption is why this occurs.

Those who have initiative within the workplace, see how things could be improved or streamlined, they are not restricted by the way it has always been done, they see the limitations and are able to think outside the box.

In life and business we all must be changing or improving otherwise everything stays the same.

If anyone has ever told you to “suck it up” and go along with how it has always be done, that’s a good reason to do exactly the opposite.

Kirsty Ferguson,

Author, Coach and Speaker. Grab my latest book: www.thealbinochameleon.com

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