OpportunityAirlines know that when they advertise a pilot job, they will receive a large amount of applications. Especially if this is employer is someone like Virgin or Air New Zealand.  In the Australian, New Zealand and Asian airline industry the recruitment process is a “sellers market” and that means they dictate the terms of application, this can and has caught candidates out.

On February 18 Virgin Australia advertised for First Officers for NZ and Second Officers for Australia. The good news is that it’s a fantastic opportunity and great to see Virgin actively recruiting. But here’s the bad news: applications close today. That’s 25 February, meaning they only gave their potential candidates 8 days to get their applications in.

Were you ready? Or was it a mad scramble to get your resume, cover letter and on-line application BIG question responses ready?

As a pilot planning and organisation is big part of your day to day routine. In fact it is crucial in operating a flight effectively, on-time and with efficiency.   If you are considering a career move, you must apply that same level of preparation to your documentation for job applications or risk your application being ignored.

Creating an outstanding resume (design and content wise) that helps you to get noticed takes time. We noticed that many pilots waited to see the job of their dreams advertised and then went into “last minute resume panic mode”.

SOP for Pilot Job seekers:

Gaining your next pilot job takes focus, planning and preparation. The resources are there to help you on all levels; Resume, Cover Letter, Interview, Aptitude Testing and SIM Practice, don’t leave anything to chance.  Start Now!

Don’t hesitate to call or email us today to discuss how we can help you prepare to get the job of your dreams.

Pinstripe also offers FREE resume advice. Email us your current resume and we will give you free honest and constructive feedback.

Example:  An F/O who had applied to a full service UAE carrier, had his online application and resume rated “NON COMPETITIVE”.  We reviewed and rewrote all of his documentation and on resubmission he was rated “HIGHLY COMPETITIVE”.

If you missed out on applying for Virgin F/O and S/O on the 777 and 737, applications for First Officer with Virgin on the Fokker 50 in WA are open until March 30. See our jobs page for all opportunities and links to job application pages.

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