I had the privilege of talking to several members of Major Airline HR teams recently. They were extremely candid, lets face it, they are often competing for the same pool of candidates these days so they want to see you succeed. The crux of our chats; you must meet the standard on the assessment day and often it is little things letting pilots down.

It was made clear that they saw many candidates who were a good fit for their airlines but who had not prepared thoroughly for the assessment process. In fact I was told that they know in the first 5 minutes during the interview if they have had coaching.

What the airlines told me:

With airline assessments running over 2-3 days, it is a big investment in time and money for any pilot. It is also a huge emotional investment as often the airline you are applying to has been a life-long goal. Don’t leave anything to chance.

It is also great to know that the airlines attitude to candidates is a supportive one.

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