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How can we help you?


The Albino Chameleon


Our world has turned upside down.
Our future is overpowered by the anxiety of the unknown and our jobs feel more insecure than any time we can recall in recent history.

How we plan and prepare for what happens next can and should be started now, how we view employment will change but why not start now by empowering yourself to tackle the things that are still within your control.

My book was written in anticipation of the future amalgamation of work and personal brand into one ‘You Brand’, that future is upon us.  If you wait and see what employment looks like when the world reopens you will be coming from behind.  Why not create our own reality, why not start now because… you matter and you can.

Knowing and naming your super power is a real life skill everyone needs.
Real world/real life skills are what employers will value, why, because they know they can teach you the actual job but they want you to arrive with those other real world/real life skills already sorted.

If you take just one thing from this book and apply it, I will consider it a huge success.

Wishing you and your family safety and health at this challenging time.

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My offer direct from author to you is only  $24.99
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The ability to talk about yourself is a life skill, one that can set you on a path to anything and everything.

Using the metaphor of an albino chameleon named Ben – a chameleon unable to use colour to disguise his true self, author Kirsty Anne Ferguson walks us through humorous stories and engaging tasks to find out how to say to the world, “this is me.”

As a global interview coach to top guns and airline pilots, Kirsty has seen how each of our stories differs yet contain elements that connect us. She tells us that your story, just like hers, is unique.

Even if you think you have nothing special to offer, she insists you do.

You will discover…
– That there is no such thing as normal
– Why it’s never too late to be what you ‘might have been’
– How to ‘tell us a bit about yourself’ without feeling like a Muppet
– What makes you ‘you’ and why it matters
– Why just ‘smashing it out’ is often better than trying to get it perfect
– That your job and your past do not define you
– Why having a purpose trumps passion every time

What People are saying…

“A refreshing breakthrough in how to uncover the immense power we all have simply by being ourselves.” ~ Amanda Rose – Strategic Connector #BossLady CEO – Business Women Media

The Albino Chameleon is like having a best friend, a mentor and a coach all wrapped up in one engaging and inspiring book.” ~ Hedley Derenzie, author of the travel-romance memoirs, Finding Paris and Meet Me in Milan

“This should be compulsory reading for anyone embarking on an interview for a new position.” ~ Sue Muller – Director – Pharmacy Employment Solutions Pty Ltd T/A LocumCo

“Kirsty’s book contains the insight and wisdom that so many more theory based self-help books lack.” ~ Margaux Nissen Gray – CEO – MNGMNT Publicity, New York City

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