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Professional Interview Success Workbook (E-Product)



Our Professional Interview Workbook includes:
1 x Workbook – 55 pages of insights and exercises specifically designed to prepare you for behavioural interviews
A set of General Behavioural Interview questions
A set of questions for your specific industry (as available, not available for all industries)
An additional guide on how to rescue your resume
Unlimited email support while completing the workbook

Our best seller, the Professional Interview Success Workbook, guides you in preparing your responses to interview questions.

Our clients come from diverse industries: Finance, Aviation, Engineering, Trades, Medical, Pharmacy, Retail/Sales, Government and many more.

You have probably heard of the STAR, SAR or SAO interview method (all the same thing). Most employers worldwide use this method of interview.

Put simply, it means that you must provide examples from your past experience to illustrate your potential. In a very specific format.

Think of it this way, a new employer doesn’t know you, so they are not going to be swayed by your opinion about yourself or your ability, they require evidence.

This Workbook is 50+ pages of exercises and insight into:

– what employers seek in candidates
– how to find great examples
– how to answer those big questions such as “why do you want to work for us”
– the right way to answer negative difficult questions
– how to handle career hiccups or gaps in your career
– how to define your strengths

Plus an additional Guide on:
– How to Rescue Your Resume

Interviews don’t need to be difficult if you prepare in advance and know what you have to offer.

Our role is to help you achieve that.



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