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Aspiring Pilots Workbook (Product Download – 7 Day Expiry)



The Aspiring Pilots Workbook contains everything you need to know about this career path and how to decide if it is right for you.
If you are at High School at University or just about to complete your PPL or CPL then this workbook is for you.

Understand all of your options for becoming a pilot.
Your questions answered and much more.

We also help you prepare for that first flying role or cadet application.

66 pages of exercises and insights into every aspect of a pilot career and includes:


  • What Subjects to Take At High School
  • All The Different Career Paths to Become A Pilot (including Armed Services, General Aviation Instructing, and Cadetships)
  • What Are Pilot Cadet Programs and Who Offers Them
  • How To Get Ready to Ace the Airline Recruitment Process
  • What Type of Person Makes a Great Pilot
  • What Airlines Look for in Aspiring Pilots
  • Resume and cover letter templates
  • How to answer the on line application questions
  • Vital list of airlines and training organisations
  • And much more.


Also covered in this workbook:

  • Understand what employers want in a Pilot and how to decide on
    and present your strengths
  • Vital list of pilot career trainers
  • Listings of Airline Cadetship Programs, General Aviation Companies,¬†Instructing/Flying School Employers
    and Armed Services Career outlines