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How can we help you?


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Graduate Airline Interview Training Programs

Set your graduates up for success
Once Flying Students are close to graduation, many Flying Schools are keen to ensure that all their students become successful candidates for Airline Cadetships or General Aviation pilot jobs.
This ensures a positive reputation of the Aviation School and we have seen this result in more new students for the school.
What to expect from an Airline or General Aviation Job Interview process?

Once students have passed the first stage, the second stage often consists of an Assessment Day that has the following elements:

How Pinstripe prepares your Flying Students for Aviation Interview processes
Pinstripe works hand in hand with Flying Schools and tailors programs to your specific graduates needs.  All of our products are based on a personal approach, that means one on one training for each Graduate.  From experience we know that students prefer to prepare for their interviews in private on a one on one basis, this helps to manage their nerves, concerns and comprehension around the actual interviews.
Contact us today to start the conversation how we can build Airline interview preparation into the final months of your Graduates curriculum.

As a guideline, these are our services most Flying Schools are interested in:

Pinstripe Solutions has nearly 20 years experience in preparing pilots to become successful applicants to airlines worldwide.
Our comprehensive Interview Success Workbook contains Practice details for Psychometrics, over 10 pages of airline pilot interview questions and much more. This is the best preparation a candidate can do before one on one coaching and really enhances their coaching experience and preparation.
To explain the Video Interview a little more, many airlines use an “on-line recorded video interview” in the first stage of assessment after the candidate submits an application. We provide a tailored on-line platform that creates a “Practice Video Interview” close to that of the airline your Graduates are most likely to apply to.  Each candidate can log in and complete this timed practice, we review individual answers and provide feedback. It is crucial to get this right in order to progress to the “Airline Assessment Day and SIM”.  This is often a very unfamiliar and challenging process as candidates feel uncomfortable speaking to a screen where every answer is timed. Detailed feedback from one of our expert coaches is provided via email.
Coaching preparation for the panel interview is one on one via SKYPE or Facetime.  Pinstripe aviation specialist coaches have nearly 20 years experience training pilots for over 45 airlines worldwide.
We teach the Behavioural Interview Technique used by airlines around the world.  We deal with all the questions your Graduates are likely to be asked to ensure they are ready to perform at their best.  Often they have not encountered this thorough level of interview before and preparation is essential in order to the meet the airlines criteria.
We also coach the candidate on managing the Group or Team Exercises.  Knowing how to participate is essential and we provide actual samples from past Assessments.
Your students have invested a great deal in their training, as have you the Flight School.  It is our role to support your flying school by ensuring that your graduating students perform at their very best during the airline recruitment process.
Contact us today to start the conversation how we can build Airline interview preparation into the final months of your Graduates curriculum.
Or if you prefer to have a conversation rather than email, please call Kirsty Ferguson on +61 416 272 449.
Access to our Flying Schools tailored Aviation Interview Packs is password protected. A password will be provided to Flying Schools with whom a service agreement is in place.



  • 1 x 15 minute Video Interview Practice is delivered via e-mail to students, includes 20 minute email review of the performance.
  • 1 x Aviation Interview Success Workbook (52 pages) is delivered by auto download or email to the student, which includes list of practice psychometric test links, 11-page Pilot Interview Questions document and Behavioural Interview exercises and guidelines.
  • 1 hour One on One Airline Interview or Assessment Day Coaching with a member of the pinstripe coaching team. Coaching is done on-line via SKYPE or Facetime.

For more help, Check out our full preparation programs: