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ADF Mentor Session – 30 Minutes

30- MINUTE MENTOR SESSION With our ADF Specialist Coach. This session is organised via SKYPE and your appointment is organised via email. Considering applying as an Officer at ADFA for either a Pilot or Air Crew Role? There are around 200 Officer roles across the Army, Navy and Airforce. The first step is applying and […]

How to Become an ADF Pilot – Ebook

THE LINK ON THIS PAGE WILL RE-DIRECT YOU TO THE: ‘GET YOUR WINGS” WEBSITE TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT IS IN STOCK (PLEASE IGNORE THE OUT OF STOCK NOTICE BELOW) How to Become an Australian Defence Force Pilot will help you get that ADF pilot job. More than a thousand candidates walk into ADF recruiting every year […]

ADF (Armed Forces) Interview Success Workbook (E-Product)

Your 60-page guide to understanding and preparing for the OBS Officer Selection Board. Product delivered by download.

Work through a variety of exercises that help you define your strengths, decide why you wish to work for the Defence Force, manage career hiccups, select strong examples and guide you in your presentation.

We also provide insight into the ADF aptitudes and capability requirements.

The Workbook is essential in ensuring you are ready for coaching and the final step of your preparation.

ADF Resume Template Pack

This download product is delivered by email (immediately) Download within 7 days to your device (links will expire after 7 days) A Template is a formatted WORD document that you complete    The ADF Entry Resume Pack is designed specifically for ADF entry-level candidates, Officer Candidates, Pilot Candidates and Air Crew Candidates. Designed in conjunction […]

ADF Coaching Session – 1 hour

1 hour, one-on-one with our ADF specialist, part of Australia’s most experienced aviation/ADF interview coaching Team, lead by Aviation Expert, Kirsty Ferguson via SKYPE. Throughout our program we will cover all aspects of what to expect for the OSB Officer Selection Board. We will cover: – understanding the Behavioural Interview Techniques; – the SOP’s for […]

ADF Pilot Selection

ADF Pilot Selection Preparation Are you at school or university and about to complete your studies, or wanting a change from your normal 9 to 5 and considering a career as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force? There are quite a few things you can do before you apply to the ADF, as well as during the […]

Our Products

Our Products “Since 2000 we have helped thousands of candidates gain their dream jobs in over 35 airlines and 15 countries.” Kirsty ferguson founder and leading aviation interview coach

Our Partners

Our partners The Get Your Wings team consists only of Military Qualified Flying Instructors (QFIs) who have been there, done it and taught it. Get the combat edge based on actual cockpit experience on how to pass Military Pilot aptitude testing and a Military Pilots Course for once all contained in the one location. Pinstripe […]