Pilot & Cadet Products

The Pinstripe Process


Pinstripe Solutions has been working with Pilots for nearly 20 years and our complete process will ensure you are prepared for all aspects of the airlines Pilot Interview Process.
90+% of airlines, including Regional, Domestic Jet and International Wide Body Jet roles, use the “Behavioural Interview Technique” and that needs the right preparation as it involves specific techniques.


The full Pinstripe preparation process includes:

-Resume and Cover letter Template Pack

-Video Interview Practice

-Aviation Interview Success Workbook

-Pilot Feedback For the Airline you have applied

-Essential Coaching

-Intensive Coaching

-SIM practice


Products are all listed individually below so that you can complete as little or as much as you like. 

Note if you purchase 2 or more products, a 5% discount applies. *(excluding Aviation Aptitude Test & SIM Practice)