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Pilot Jobs Middle East Region

PRACTICE YOUR AIRLINE INTERVIEW SKILLS (Interview coaching, Mock interview, SIM and Aptitude)
Competition to get your dream job is fierce, therefore ‘I think I know what to expect’ is not going to get you through the day when hundreds of pilots are vying for each role. You only have 1 chance to get the Aptitude Test, SIM and Interview right. Find out more

Airline Video Interview Practice. You can expect to see more and more airlines using your pre-recorded video interview as a critical part of your application. Practice and get it right, or your application ends there. Book your practice video interview today. Find out more

Pilot Jobs Middle East Region

Emirates – Direct Entry Captain Boeing 777 (Dubai based)

Emirates – First Officers A380 and Boeing 777 (Dubai based)

Etihad – First Officer B787 (UAE based)

Etihad – First Officer A320 (UAE based)

Etihad – Captain A320 (UAE based)

Etihad – First Officer Non-Rated B777 (UAE based)

Etihad – First Officer B777 (UAE based)

Etihad – Captain B777 (UAE based)

Etihad – Captain Non-Rated B777 (UAE based)

Qatar Airways – Type Rated First Officer Boeing (Doha)

Qatar Airways – Type Rated Captain Boeing (Doha)

Qatar Airways – Type Rated Captain A320/A330/A340 (Doha)

Turkish Airlines – Type Rated & Non Type Rated F/Os – B737, B777, A320, A330, A340 (Istanbul based)

Be Prepared For ALL Aspects Of Your Interview

You only have one chance to get it right, in hindsight, many pilots regret not learning the correct interview technique and not undergoing a practise SIM. All flight crew roles are highly contested, so be prepared for every step of the interview process.

To find out how Pinstripe can help you prepare for behavioural and phone interviews plus organise a practise SIM, please don’t hesitate to email Kirsty Ferguson or call +61 0416 272 449.

To request more information on practise SIM’s with airline-specific instructors, please don’t hesitate to email Nick Kranenburg at SimJET Training Systems or call +61 0414 266 633. Alternatively, you can visit the SimJET website for more information.

PS, don’t keep us a secret, your referrals are our biggest compliment!

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