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    Do you meet the minimum requirements?

    Check Now Due to their growth and success, Qantas are seeking experienced pilots to join their business. Qantas believe their customers determine their success, and are asking for like-minded individuals to join us on our journey. Get in touch now to ensure you are ready to excel at every stage.

    Virgin Australia and Tiger Air – Recruiting NOW

    Virgin Australia Recruiting NOW New Zealand B737 First Officers & Australia B777 Second Officers This is your opportunity to join Virgin Australia. Have you got the minimum requirements below? First Officer Opportunities (New Zealand Based) 1,000 hours Total Experience 500 hours Multi-Engine 500 hours PIC Read More

    Cathay Pacific Direct Entry First Officer – Recruiting NOW

    Cathay Pacific r Direct Entry First Office A330 & B747 First Officers Join one of the most respected airlines in the industry with exceptional training and safety standards. Military and commercial experience considered. Do You Meet The Minimum Experience Requirements? Click here for more information on requirements. Read More

    [Sponsored] Emirates Airline – Dubai
 Offers Exceptional Opportunities for Flight Crew across the Airbus and Boeing Fleets 

    Emirates Airline Dubai
 Offers Exceptional Opportunities Join an airline that’s ready for tomorrow. You could be flying an ultra-modern fleet, living in dynamic Dubai and experiencing an expanding route network across six continents.
 With a fleet of over 250 aircraft and more than 250 on order, we are one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines. 
We […]