I wrote an article for Australian Aviation magazine recently on managing hiccups in your career. It was on point, practical and clearly showed the level of industry immersion I am known for in my key sector, Aviation.

I submitted it and received the proof later in the week, as I read it back I realised that while it was practical I had not shared anything about the other challenges we all face, those outside work that impact us the most, our personal challenges. They form just as much a part of our coaching sessions as career does, why? Because our clients are often managing challenges on both fronts.

My team and I have a little maturity and life experience on our side, many of the personal hiccups our clients are navigating we have experienced. So I feel it is important to share something about us and how we use that life experience, transparency and honesty to support you. The real stuff that this business has been built on and around is made up of just as a many personal failures, struggles and curve balls as successes. So whilst I cannot change that article, the deadline has gone, I can share a little of it now.

Have I covered everything?

That’s life isn’t it, there are always hurdles and hiccups and there always will be. On top of that we all still have to make a living and get the essential stuff of life done.

Whatever personal information you chose to share with us, it stays with us, of that I can assure you. There is no judgement here. Apart from our expertise as coaches and communication specialists you will find understanding, a willingness to listen and a well-rounded perspective.

You might also get a bit of good ol home spun advice and have a damn good laugh as well.

Kirsty Ferguson

Career Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder of www.pinstripesolutions.com

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