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There is a lot of talk around about pilots and expat airline staff returning to their countries of origin now that many airlines have been in boom and growth for a couple of years. 

But not everyone is going home. Some are choosing to fill the gaps in senior roles and flight crew roles created by this exodus. That makes it the right time for a reminder about the differences you can experience when deciding on an ex-pat career.

Airlines and industry in other countries may not berestricted by the same Human Resource laws that apply in your home country. For instance, in Australia and New Zealand companies are unable to, by law, ask personal questions related to:

They fall under the scope of a variety of privacy and discrimination laws to which all employers must adhere. In other countries some of those laws and restrictions do not exist.

When you are not used to this level of interrogation it can be quite confronting. Part of your preparation for the recruitment process or interview therefore needs to be around how to answer those questions.  You cannot be vague or skirt the questions; you must provide solid evidential responses.

These are the four core areas to consider:

You also need to do your research on that particular countries values and rules of law that may be culturally sensitive.

The ex-pat lifestyle is an adventure, one worth the challenge but one you need to head into with your eyes wide open.

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