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Corporate positions are highly contested. It’s our job to ensure you are fully prepared to succeed, from on-line application to resume, presentation and interview.

Did you know that the key “motivation” most employers seek is “initiative”?

We have successfully worked with candidates in the following sectors:

  • Finance / IT / Marketing/Media / Engineering / Education / Administrative and General Management / Pharmacy and Medicine

Key issues faced by professional job seekers:

  • I get no response from recruiters after submitting my CV
  • I do not get to interview stage
  • I get to interview stage often, but I never get the role
  • I am thinking about changing careers, how do I re-write my CV to make it relevant
  • I haven’t been to a job interview in years, what can I expect
  • How do I stand out
  • What are employers looking for?

Free 10-minute phone consultation with our specialist Professional Coach.

Every candidate is unique and most people would like to discuss their specific situation in order to determine which parts of the recruitment process they need help with. We offer a free phone 10 min phone consultation to determine the best approach for you. Contact us today on +61 416 272 449 or email us.

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Are you considering a career as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force?

There are quite a few things you can do before you apply, as well as during the recruitment process, to prepare for the interview screening sessions.

Email us today to request a Free 4 page Pilot Career Fact Sheet outlining the ADF Officers selection process.

Preparing for your YOU Session

YOU stand for Your Opportunities Unlimited. The ADF assesses what you are interested in and decides what role you are most suited to. It includes:

  • Aptitude testing
  • A medical Interview conducted by a Nurse
  • Interview with a Careers Counselor.  The Careers Counselor will discuss the opportunities available to you based on the results of your Aptitude Test.

Preparing for the Officer Selection Board Interview

Once you have passed your YOU Session you will be invited for an interview with the Officer Selection Board (OSB).  This is a panel style Behavioural Interview.

Click here to contact us for more information on coaching information and prices. Or if you prefer more information in person, don’t hesitate to call us on mobile (+61) 416 272 449.

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The Emergency Services Recruitment process is extremely thorough and can take 2-3 attempts to secure, as they are extremely highly competitive.

All services use the Behavioural Interview Technique to sift candidates. This technique requires specific responses to a set of pre-determined behaviour based questions that cover scenarios you will be faced with in selecting this career path.

Advance preparation ensures you fully understand how to respond during the interview and that you are for all aspects of the recruitment process.

Click here to contact us for more information on coaching information and prices. Or if you prefer more information in person, don’t hesitate to call us on mobile (+61) 416 272 449.

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Pinstripe have worked with Pharmacists, Pharmacy Managers, Dispensary Technicians and Pharmacy Assistants for over 10years.  

To assist you in applying for Pharmacy positions we have developed a set of Specialist Resume Templates suitable for each level of your pharmacy career.

And an industry specific Workbook to help you make great decisions about what to talk about at the interview and how to manage the most difficult questions, called The Pharmacy Interview Success Workbook.

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