Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.25.49 PMYou can google or PPrune Pilots comments on airline interviews to your hearts content, but mostly you will just get confused.

By what you might ask?

Well, the negativity around everything airline recruitment.  People mostly seem to vent online, or pass on their personal opinion about what you should and shouldn’t be doing, saying or preparing for.

Lets cut through the clutter of opinion and deal with the facts.

Here are things you can generally expect at an airline interview:

Some will also include:

Here are a few facts about getting through the process:

  1. Know what the airline is looking for in a pilot and what you have to offer
  2. Research the airline thoroughly, know the key areas, routes, bases, key personnel, fleet, media releases, values
  3. Learn the Behavioural Interview Technique and know what questions you are likely to be asked
  4. Do a practice SIM, this is essential
  5. If you have failed psychometrics or aptitude before, then do some practice
  6. Decide before you accept the interview if you are happy with bases on offer, salary and benefits and roster etc

Getting an airline job is an investment in your future, and you need to be committed to preparing for the interview process thoroughly.

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