Written by Mal Bloggs QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor)

If you are considering a flying or non-flying (Air Crew) Officers role within the Australian Defense Force then the first step is passing the employment screening. 

What does this involve and how to you prepare to pass it?

Well, our new Specialist Military Coach – Mal Bloggs is the go-to expert. 

We feel extraordinarily lucky to have his expertise on our team and here is a bit about him.

“Aviation is one of my passions and since 2004 under Get Your Wings, I have enjoyed the opportunity to give back some of my experience to prospective aircrew through mentoring, coaching and providing direct answers to aviation recruitment questions without bias both online and through my numerous eBooks and apps”.

I have been blessed with being able to fly a multitude of aircraft for over 30 years.  One of the most satisfying elements is to be able to see improvement in aircrew trainees in my role as a flying instructor. There is great satisfaction in knowing that a trainee you have instructed achieves their wings and goes on to a successful aviation career.

Having flown jets, transport and numerous training aircraft as well as staff positions at ADF recruiting and military flying and officer training academies, I hope to give something back to you, the budding future aircrew.

I wish you the best in your aircrew endeavour and feel free to reach out to me at info@pinstripesolutions.com or www.pinstripesolutions.com. My role is simply this… to help you achieve your dream to take up one of the most rewarding jobs on planet earth. “

Good luck and fly safe!

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