Your potential employer and your colleagues could well read any comments or posts you make on any form of social media. Deciding to comment with a degree of thought and with a goal to do good in mind is a solid benchmark to set any time you are tempted to offer an opinion on social media.

Aviation is changing, and change is difficult for some, but that doesn’t mean that some tried and tested old-school etiquette should become a bygone standard.

As your momma told you, if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing at all.

Now I don’t mean to restrain constructive comments. I am all for that, but the operative word is ‘constructive’. When huge change is occurring within any industry it takes time to implement. Mistakes will be made and not everything will work, but I suggest if changes are being made that is predominantly a good thing. Without it, the industry stagnates and ultimately dies. So before any of us post our feelings, opinions or thoughts, let’s ask ourselves:

“Does my comment add value to the discussion?”

The changes I am referring to in our industry that are gathering the most negative posts are:

If you have commented on posts by myself or my team, I welcome constructive and interesting comments, none of which need to agree with me. But if a comment is in any way:

Then, we will delete it. To safeguard your reputation and ours.

I love your comments and engagement, I love to discuss your perspective and gain new insight from you. I am also proud of our mantra as a business:

 “People come first” and “We are here to help”

So if your comments come outside those life and business principles then this is not the platform for you.

Here’s to thinking first before we post.

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