Contribution from Nick Kranenburg, Aviation Training Specialist

not good enoughThe most common reason for not achieving your pilot career goals is self-elimination.

By that I mean, taking yourself out of the running before you get started or before you gather the correct information.

This self-elimination is often not about lacking self-confidence, but more about lacking experience and/or understanding of what your dream is and what exactly is required to achieve it.

If you want to become a pilot, ask yourself the following questions:

You need to: SEE IT – SMELL IT – TOUCH IT.

I have seen it many times (and ask any flying Instructor), self-elimination or self-doubt is the most limiting factor in becoming a pilot. Even once you have reached your initial goal of gaining your CPL, achieving the ultimate level whether it be command or flying fast jets, can be affected by self-doubt.

At Pilot Recruitment, we have had young men and women tell us that they couldn’t possibly fly a Fighter Jet or a Wide Body Jet Aircraft, even though it is their ultimate career dream.

By exposing candidates to all elements of a flying role, they often change their minds about their ability to pursue this career path.

We recommend that candidates:

If this sounds like you, the first step is to talk to someone in the know. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about achieving your Commercial Pilot or Defence Force Flying Career.

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