Can’t believe the “Ah ha” moment I have just had.

Why the heck did it take me this long?

I’m attempting to finish a project, you might have seen it, simply because I have been posting about it up the waaazoooo. It’s my book “The Albino Chameleon – Building The Story of You”.

During each business day I set aside 3 hours to write, I block it off in my diary, get all emails answered the night before and first thing each morning, allocate work to my colleagues, so that I am on top of everything for the day. My head can be clear to knuckle down on the book.


The writing time arrives and I have client calls, emails, I.T. issues, emergency coaching or meetings that just can’t wait…It happens pretty much every day.

Therefore, the book gets relegated to the “I’ll do that next, just let me get this done” folder.

Why? Because I have the huge sense of responsibility to my clients and my colleagues and if they need me, I drop everything to help. That’s who I am.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up at 4.25am and started work on the book. I had 3-4 hours clear where nobody needed me, I purposely didn’t open my email program and just sat there and wrote. Second morning was 5.30am. In two days I wrote over 40 pages. Yes, 40 pages.

Penny didn’t drop, it smashed to the floor and bloody well shattered.

That’s who I am, don’t fight it, I will always do the work first. My extra curricular projects will come second. So I had to create the space outside those other responsibilities. I suppose that applies to any project any of us are attempting outside our usual responsibilities.


The take away, know yourself and your work style first, then commit to new projects around that rather than the other way around.

Phew, feel mildly relieved, I actually can get this done.

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