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Cathay Pacific Direct Entry First Officer – Recruiting NOW

Cathay Pacific Direct Entry First Officer – Recruiting NOW

A330 & B747 First Officers

Join one of the most respected airlines in the industry with exceptional training and safety standards. Military and commercial experience considered.

Do You Meet The Minimum Experience Requirements?

1000 hrs on one or more of the following;

  • Captain or F/O, multi-engine Jet
  • Military High-Performance Jet
  • Military Instructional (Fixed Wing)
  • Captain on a Turbo Prop > 20 000kg
  • Captain Corporate Jet

Click here for more information on requirements.

Pinstripe Solutions provides preparation options for all aspects of the Cathay First Officer Recruitment process:

  • Cathay Pacific one on one Interview Coaching.
  • Simulator Assessment Preparation.
  • Resume Help.
  • Aptitude Testing Practice.
  • Pilot Interview Success Work Books with Pilot Feedback from past interviews.

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