How can we help you?





How can we help you?



Business Hours

Our standard business hours are: Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm. We do respond to emails and emergency calls or texts after hours and weekend whenever we can. As our team is often in coaching sessions, we encourage emails and txts that we will respond asap.

Coaching Appointments



How do I book an appointment?

Go to “Our Products” on the website and order your coaching session first. Please do not book appointment before you have ordered your coaching, as this confuses our booking system. Once you have ordered, you will receive an email (check your spam and junk email folders) directing you to the appointment calendars. – Essential Coaching: there are 2 calendars, please check both – Intensive Coaching: there is 1 calendar If for some reason you do not receive he redirect email, please head to the front page of the pinstripe website where you will see the “BOOK NOW” button.

How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?

We are usually booked 1-2 weeks in advance. It is a good idea to book a coaching session early rather than waiting until just prior to your assessment. You can always move a booking however sometimes it is difficult to fit you in last minute. If you are offered an assessment/interview last minute always get in touch as we try to hold at least 2 emergency coaching appointments each week.

How do I receive coaching if I am interstate or overseas?

We coach around the world every day via SKYPE or FaceTime. All of our coaching is face to face and one on one. We not longer offer ‘in person’ coaching as 90% of our clients are interstate or overseas so delivering coaching on-line works best. It is exactly the same as ‘in person’ and saves our clients time and money in having to travel to see us.

What time zone is my coaching appointment in?

All of our appointments are in Sydney, NSW, Australia time zone. HOWEVER… our appointment system will show you the appointment time in the time zone where you are located when you make the booking.

Can I record our coaching session?

I am afraid you are unable to record your coaching session. Our intellectual property relates directly to our coaches techniques and the information and guidance they share with you. It is also illegal to record someone without their direct consent in many states in Australia and overseas.

Download Products



What does 7-day product expiry mean?

All of our ‘downloadable’ products have a 7-day link expiry. That means that the ‘links’ to the product expire 7 days after the date of your order. So you must download them within 7-days. Once you have downloaded the products, you have them, they will not disappear.

How will I receive my product order?

All of our products are delivered by email straight away. Please take extra care when you place your order to ensure your email address is typed correctly. Because your orders sometimes contain links or attachments make sure you check your SPAM OR JUNK email folders as some servers redirect emails. If you do not receive your order within 4 hours please get in touch with us.

Will I receive a Tax receipt?

The email you receive confirming your order and payment is your tax receipt.

What do the Pilot Feedback notes include?

The Pilot Feedback notes are specific to each airline. They include feedback from pilots who have completed the assessment days and sometimes inside information from our sources. The content differs for each airline, but usually covers: panel interview questions, group exercises, scenario questions, technical questions, psychometric testing information, SIM test information and profiles, helpful hints from candidates and flight planning exercises (not all areas are covered for every airline).

Airline | ADF Preparation Programs



(Request Executive or Cabin Crew Program)

What is Pinstripes minimum interview preparation?

At a minimum your preparation for an airline pilot assessment should include:

  • Pilot Feedback Notes
  • Aviation Interview Success Workbook
  • Essential Coaching

What is Pinstripes ultimate interview preparation?

Our full or ultimate preparation for an airline pilot assessment includes:

  • Resume Template Pack
  • Pilot Feedback Notes
  • Aviation Interview Success Workbook
  • Essential Coaching
  • Intensive Coaching
  • SIM preparation

Our system is set up so that you can select each component individually, as you require them.

Do we provide coaching for Group Exercises?

Yes we do. We cover the key elements of how to manage group exercises during Essential Coaching. During Intensive Coaching we delve more into the techniques to use that ensure you make an impression and participate effectively.

Do airlines prefer a one page or longer resume?

General Aviation roles prefer a 1-page resume. Airlines prefer a well-developed document anywhere from 2-4 pages is acceptable.

Do we offer any discount?

We offer limited time discounts at various times during the year, these are announced via our newsletter.

General Information About Pinstripe



What is your success rate?

We do not keep exact records of our success rate as some candidates forget to let us know their success or failure. However on average our success rate is approximately 9 out of 10.

Do airlines and the ADF all use the same interview technique?

The ADF used the Behavioural Interview technique. Most airlines use the ‘Behavioural Interview Technique’ otherwise known as the SAR or STAR method. There are some variations to this depending upon the airline and we discus this during coaching.

How long has Pinstripe been coaching pilots, cabin crew & ADF?

Pinstripe commenced business in 2000. We now coach in 20+ countries and for over 35 airlines worldwide.

Does Pinstripe provide support if I am not successful?

Yes we do. We always offer a FREE 30 minute debrief, to help put a Plan B in place and discuss the events of the assessment.

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