“Have you forgotten how to fly?’’ 

The most common comment after a simulator skills preparation session is ‘’I’m glad I did that, I’ve lost my basic flying skills, flying around in my baron on autopilot’’. Have you forgotten the basics of how to use your eyes, hands and feet? It’s common these days and I see it in most simulator sessions due to reliance automation. What about the last time you flew an NDB? Remember that?

Basics is what airline assessors should be looking for, most recurrent simulator checks now focus on the basics of ‘flying the plane’ due to SOPs and automation.

Simulator skills preparation is vital to assist in getting your head, hands and feet working together again. Or get in a light twin and practice in IMC….how expensive is that! So let’s add flying a heavy jet into the mix, yes you might be flying around at 180kts flap 5 for the exercise, but how does the jet behave compared to your baron or king air? Either way, if you want to get through the most important interview you’ve ever had, you need to prepare with an experienced instructor and right equipment.

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Contribution: Nick Kranenburg.

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