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So, What Are You Waiting For?

  Fear, that’s what I’m waiting for champ, the fear to pass. I know cos I have this big bloody post on my notice board that says: “Be afraid and do it anyway”. In extremely big, super bold text. I have a couple of friends, talented, smart, savvy friends who want to go out on […]

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So, What Are My Strengths?

Just about every job interview involves some version of this question:  “What are your strengths?” It is also the most hated question, simply because it is so vast! It may however, not come in those exact words, it could look like this: “Why do you have to offer, over and above the other candidates?” Or […]

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I Hate Talking About Myself

Everyone does – I know! We all hate it because it now means we have to blow our own trumpet and that just feels darn uncomfortable, who talks like that? Nobody really. Unless your ego is outa control most of us don’t go around spouting our wonderfulness and how good we are at this or […]

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Is This A Date, An Interrogation Or A Job Interview?

Actually, as my 9-year-old nephew is prone to start everything with, it is all of those. A wonderful friend of mine was one of the first in our world to dive into the unknown waters of on-line dating 12 years ago. Brave brave soul we all thought inwardly. Outwardly we were like a cheer-squad, go […]

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The “I don’t give a shit-ed-ness” of aging

I call my clients mature, that’s if they are in or around my age bracket, mature, hmmmm it is a bit PC isn’t it? Personally I am still waiting to feel like a grown up, I currently feel about 27 most days. When I use that word (mature) it’s not about age, it’s more about […]

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Every Interview Is About Relationships

Happy Tuesday everyone, another busy week in the world. I had a thought this morning, yep, just the one. It was “why do I write blogs?” Well, it’s simple, because I need to connect with you, my audience, my clients and many of you who after 17 years in the biz are now my friends. […]

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What Military Pilots Need to Know About Transitioning to a Commercial Airline

You’ve hit that mark in your ADF career, you know, the one when they “promote” pilots to a desk job. Whether you’re a Fast Jet, Herc or PC9 pilot, most of you pretty much want to continue to fly, not always possible in the second half of your ADF career. So 12-14 years in, many […]

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How To React To The Unexpected Part 2: Resigning Well

  Is there a right way to resign and a wrong way, you betya there is. And like anyone, employees will usually see it from their side. Let’s take a look at the realities of how an employer feels and acts when it happens. Hopefully it will help both sides with this type of transition. […]

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I Cracked A Funny, Was I On The Money? Interview Humour: Yay or Nay?

There are going to be polarising views on this one, is it totally inappropriate or a showstopper that leaves an impression? Here’s my take. In many industries including my specialty area, Aviation, we can see 10-20 people during assessment days. That’s tiring and when you are tired, disinterest or a short attention span can seep […]

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Airlines Seek Pilots with Great Soft Skills

I just read a great blog by that chap who landed his A320 in the Hudson, you know the guy. He was talking about how to manage “the unexpected” and part of that was placing more value on something that the industry calls “soft skills”. Now soft skills encompass a range of personality and behavioural […]

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