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Employers Want Staff With Ego Maturity… Not Ego Maniac

But what the heck is it? If you have it, you will be much better at self-management and you will probably be solution focused rather than getting all caught up in the drama. One of the largest companies in Australia describes ‘Ego Maturity’ as: “A sound level of self-confidence with an overriding graciousness.” Not much […]

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Are you rebel? This is why the rebel is a great disrupter.

I was recently called a disrupter. I had never placed that particular label on myself, however it instantly resonated. I am. I do things my own quirky way, I tend not to follow trends, I don’t watch my competition, I play devils advocate, I question all the time. Yes I was that annoying child, relentlessly […]

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I Just Figured It Out – How To Smash It Out

  Can’t believe the “Ah ha” moment I have just had. Why the heck did it take me this long? I’m attempting to finish a project, you might have seen it, simply because I have been posting about it up the waaazoooo. It’s my book “The Albino Chameleon – Building The Story of You”. During […]

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Airlines Want Pilots and Cabin Crew with Ego Maturity…But What The Heck Is it?

One airline describes “Ego Maturity” as: A sound level of self-confidence with an overriding graciousness. Not much help, is it? Ok, what it really means is… Everyone has an Ego. You need one in order to back yourself and to function in the world. There are however, egos that are immature and egos that are […]

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What’s the best path for newly qualified pilots?

This is an article I wrote for Aerotime, you can find the original article here. Starting a career is difficult, no matter if you are a doctor, a lawyer, or a pilot. It all comes down to making choices – first employer, first country of work (staying at home or going overseas?), and so on. […]

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What I’ve learned from the Bachelorette

  I watched the final Aussie version of the show, when “Sophie” professes her love for one of the two contestants remaining. Not sure why I watched it, it was on and I had subconsciously seen so much of the promo material that I figured “ok lets see who she chooses’. The big issue in […]

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Getting through those days when you don’t feel like Superman or Wonderwoman.

Yep, we all have them. I know I do. One day I am the Queen Of The World, the next my confidence is at an all time low. There are a variety of things that can cause this, a self-perpetuated one springs to mind: if I have had a couple of drinks the night before […]

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In The Wake of Weinstein – Many of us have faced this during our careers #metoo

I’d be really interested to know if that has affected you too, #metoo on my post. My first experience of “power inappropriateness” was at 16. I had started my first job in the insurance industry where I was invited to a business dinner. Early in the evening my boss’ 30 something husband got pretty handy […]

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

  Fear, that’s what I’m waiting for champ, the fear to pass. I know cos I have this big bloody post on my notice board that says: “Be afraid and do it anyway”. In extremely big, super bold text. I have a couple of friends, talented, smart, savvy friends who want to go out on […]

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So, What Are My Strengths?

Just about every job interview involves some version of this question:  “What are your strengths?” It is also the most hated question, simply because it is so vast! It may however, not come in those exact words, it could look like this: “Why do you have to offer, over and above the other candidates?” Or […]

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