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Part Two – The Fallout From Incidents, Accidents and Aviation as a Career

Things that can occur post traumatic events come in various forms; Flashbacks, PTDS, anxiety, sleep deprivation, headaches and ASR. If even minor indications of these are not dealt with they can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, even physically.  Great or small they are not symptoms to be ignored. Dr Sandi Hill says “The […]

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Part One – The Fallout From Incidents, Accidents and Aviation as a Career

With the launch of Richard De Crespigny’s new book ‘Fly’, there has been a focus on what it takes to manage catastrophic and other failures on-board an aircraft and how those management tactics transfer to a multitude of life’s catastrophes and difficult events. And transfer they do. I would suggest however, that the starting point […]

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HR Departments Need To Get Out Of The Way Of Pilot Interviews

I have noticed a lot of comments lately about how pilots dislike HR departments and they should get out of the way of pilot interviews and pilots should interview pilots. Many of you also add, why not chat over a beer at the pub, as you will see the real person. There is a suspicion around HR […]

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Some Of Our Biggest Airlines Share The Mistakes Pilots Are Making in Interviews With Us.

I had the privilege of talking to several members of Major Airline HR teams recently. They were extremely candid, lets face it, they are often competing for the same pool of candidates these days so they want to see you succeed. The crux of our chats; you must meet the standard on the assessment day […]

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Personal Crises Affecting Your Career

  I wrote an article for Australian Aviation magazine recently on managing hiccups in your career. It was on point, practical and clearly showed the level of industry immersion I am known for in my key sector, Aviation. I submitted it and received the proof later in the week, as I read it back I […]

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A Young GA Pilot Talks About Her Unusual Career Path

When asked what I ‘do’, I used to feel reluctant to say “I’m a pilot”. It wasn’t a case of pride, or rather a lack thereof; nor was it a case of ambivalence to the profession. Rather, it was because my career as a ‘pilot’ has not really turned out as anyone, least of all […]

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Do SIM Practice Pleeeeeease

I’ve become a bit of a nag around one particular subject and I’d like to apologize in advance. When it comes to pilots preparing for airline interviews, that subject is the SIM. Here we go again you may be thinking, yep, well, it’s because I care. There’s little to no benefit to me as a business if […]

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Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #5 – It’s harder for women to become pilots

It’s Myth # 5: It harder for women to become pilots. It may have been in the past, viewed traditionally as more of a male job, however those days are gone for good, as female pilots are reaching Commands and management roles. (eg: The Chief Pilot of Jetstar the % of commercial female pilots is on […]

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Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #4 – It costs too much to become a pilot

It’s Myth # 4: It costs too much to become a pilot. Well there is no getting around the fact that it costs a lot of money to become a pilot, that’s if you are self-funding your flight training through a private training organisation. Many aspiring pilots hold down full time jobs in order to get […]

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Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #3 – You have to be super smart to become a pilot

It’s Myth # 3: You have to be super smart to be a pilot. Nope, not so. You do have to have a good standard of Maths, Physics and English but you do not have to be Einstein. In fact many pilots have worked in other areas before they decide on flying as a career. I’ve had […]

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