THE VALUE IN NAIVETY My youngest nephew is eight, and he recently reminded me of the value of naivety. His teacher asked if anyone could play an instrument, crickets… So he said… I can play the ukulele. Now he has a ukulele, but can he play a tune? Ahhh no, as his mother pointed out. He was […]

The Strengths That Women Bring To Aviation, They Bring To All Women

The Strengths That Women Bring To Aviation, They Bring To All Women The strengths women bring to our industry have not always been visible, but those invisible or underrated strengths are about to change this industry forever and how women manage discrimination or inequality in every field. It is on the lips of industry influencers […]

Meet our Specialist Military Recruitment Coach

Written by Mal Bloggs QFI (Qualified Flying Instructor) If you are considering a flying or non-flying (Air Crew) Officers role within the Australian Defense Force then the first step is passing the employment screening.  What does this involve and how to you prepare to pass it? Well, our new Specialist Military Coach – Mal Bloggs […]

How To Manage Airline Group Exercises

  In response to your requests, we have just amended our most popular product, the Aviation Interview Success Workbook to include 7 pages covering Airline Group Exercises in much more detail. Most airlines will present pilot candidates with one or two “Group Exercises” during their recruitment assessment day.  So what the heck are they and […]

What Do Airlines Look For In Cadets?

There are pilot cadet programs open around the globe, more so than ever before. In Australia alone there are at least 5 currently open or assessing not including Qantas Mainline who also open 2 Ab Initio Programs in 2019. Many international carriers are also accepting ex-pat applications for the first time, such as Emirates and […]

Make Your Comments Constructive. Your Next Employer Will See Your Posts.

Your potential employer and your colleagues could well read any comments or posts you make on any form of social media. Deciding to comment with a degree of thought and with a goal to do good in mind is a solid benchmark to set any time you are tempted to offer an opinion on social media. […]

Share Your Opinion = Fail Your Airline Interview

We are living in an era where facts, evidence and truth, when inconvenient, are disregarded. Be warned, aviation job seekers cannot afford to follow this trend. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction with fluffy platitudes, rampant opinions and selective memory are tactics that might work some of the time but certainly not all of […]

Part Two – The Fallout From Incidents, Accidents and Aviation as a Career

Things that can occur post traumatic events come in various forms; Flashbacks, PTDS, anxiety, sleep deprivation, headaches and ASR. If even minor indications of these are not dealt with they can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, even physically.  Great or small they are not symptoms to be ignored. Dr Sandi Hill says “The […]

Part One – The Fallout From Incidents, Accidents and Aviation as a Career

With the launch of Richard De Crespigny’s new book ‘Fly’, there has been a focus on what it takes to manage catastrophic and other failures on-board an aircraft and how those management tactics transfer to a multitude of life’s catastrophes and difficult events. And transfer they do. I would suggest however, that the starting point […]

HR Departments Need To Get Out Of The Way Of Pilot Interviews

I have noticed a lot of comments lately about how pilots dislike HR departments and they should get out of the way of pilot interviews and pilots should interview pilots. Many of you also add, why not chat over a beer at the pub, as you will see the real person. There is a suspicion around HR […]