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How can we help you?



Flying Students Workbook – How To Get Your First Pilot Job

Yes, it’s finally here! This comprehensive workbook contains 60 pages of insights and exercises specifically for Flying Students and University Aviation Degree Students to prepare to gain their first pilot role. Many past clients have said: “We didn’t know how to get started” and “I wish someone had told be the options so I could have […]

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Social Media

Social Media Could Cost You Your Next Job

Social media is a double-edged sword.  As much as it’s great to be able to connect more easily with the right people and potential employers by accessing online networks, it is also much easier for potential employers to research you. In fact, the first thing many employers do is… google you! Many, if not all […]

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Be yourself

What Makes You Special?

Often I say to my job seeking clients in moments of depleted self confidence (and to myself on a regular basis): “There is always someone taller, blonder, thinner, smarter, more successful, richer and funnier… but there is nobody else just like you, anywhere in the world.” When applying for a role or in any competitive […]

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What to ask at the end of an interview

You should have questions prepared for the end of your interview. Intelligent, well thought out questions that benefit you as the candidate and illustrate your commitment to this role. Let me start by stating that this is not about “turning the tables on the interview team and grilling them”.  There might be some people out […]

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Five Top Job Interview Mistakes Made By Pilots

We asked Chief Pilots around Australasia and they told us in plain English why pilots fail the interview process: 1. No Practice SIM Pilots that undertake a practice SIM with a qualified airline instructor perform 80% better than those who don’t. 2. Run Out Of Time During The Aptitude Test Practice aptitude tests are available […]

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That Dreaded Telephone Interview!

Do you have a job application in? You may only get 2-7 days notice for the phone interview.  That seems to be the trend.  It’s called pre-screening, and you’ve got to get past the telephone interview before anything else. Beware: this is not a causal “get to know you” chat, you have to be firing […]

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New job next exit

Dealing with Career Hiccups?

– Redundancy – Gaps or time away from your career – Being fired – Leaving due to lack of OH&S – Industry downturns or economic crises – Failing training – Serious accidents During my 12 years working with pilots, executives, pharmacists and government employees I have come across many career hiccups or issues raised by […]

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Stand out from the crowd

5 Things I Hate About Resumes

Resumes are really important. It is your ticket to getting that interview or not. Ask yourself these 5 critical questions: 1. Do you have an eye catching design? 2. Have you checked for errors and omissions? 3. Have you included a personalised cover letter tailored to the job? 4. Have you listed the benefits to […]

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Behavioural Interview Techniques Video

In February 2013 Kirsty lectured at Sydney University to graduates on the correct techniques to answer interview questions and the importance of preparing for job interviews in advance. Watch the video below on the specific behavioural interview techniques 80% of employers use.

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