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Why Women Need A Girls Club

We’ve all heard of the “The Old Boys School Network” or “The Boys Club”.  Men seem to have nailed the networking idea and actually support each other.  They may not think of it that way, but every time they head to a golf, deep sea fishing or race car driving day under the guise of […]

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I resign

How To Resign Without Burning Bridges

Resigning positively is a skill worth learning. In some cases it can be a challenge making it through without ‘letting loose’ about the actual reasons. Here are some thoughts to consider when you are about to resign from your job.  You should never: Make it personal. A resignation usually occurs because of a career move or […]

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Foot in mouth

The Wrong Things To Say At Interviews

Often unsuccessful candidates ask me to review their job interviews and help them find out what they could have done better. Here are some of the commonalities from my post interview debriefs: 1. Becoming defensive when faced with negative questions You know what, we are imperfect beings, we make mistakes and we have disagreements, so […]

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Right attitude

Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant – Are You Cut Out For It?

Did you know that aboard some of our major airlines, Business Class passengers get to rate Cabin Crew on their performance before they have even left the aircraft? Sooo… How would you rate in the customer service stakes? And how would you feel about a negative result? Have you really got what it takes? Here are […]

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Are You Prepared For Your Next Career Move?

Promotions and ‘out of blue’ job opportunities can sometimes sneak up on you. Employers can move very quickly when required and you could find yourself facing an interview panel within a week. It is difficult to prepare with very little notice. But thorough preparation is the key to preforming well at any interview. I had […]

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Airlines Continuing To Recruit Over The Silly Season

Don’t get caught out! Last February 16 airlines recruited for staff simultaneously and we saw pilots who were not prepared and got caught out on short notice interviews. This year is gearing up to be no different.  Use December and January to get ready for the onslaught in February. Special 10% early bird discount for coaching booked for December […]

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What are your weaknesses?

I know you hate this interview question, we all do.  You’re thinking: “I have to tell them something bad about myself and I don’t want to, I just don’t know how to answer this properly!!!” This question makes most people fear that the wrong answer could lose them the job. Let me demystify this question for […]

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Self belief

If you don’t believe in you, why should anybody else?

A good friend of mine recently noticed a fantastic role. The perfect role for him, as he ticked all the boxes. I was every excited for him and said: “Yay, you’ve been waiting for this – go for it!” A few days later I asked if he applied. His response: “Yeah, but….. it will be a […]

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missing out

I didn’t get the job!

It has happened to the best of us. You applied for a job, interview went well and you thought FOR SURE you were going to get the job…. But sometimes things don’t work out the way you were expecting. What you need is a “Recovery Plan” and you will go through a few phases to […]

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Walking Frame

Are Women Over 50 Invisible To Employers?

I had an interesting discussion over the weekend about ageism with a gentleman. He was older than me and stated that “Women become invisible in the workforce at 50”. He didn’t know that in the very near future I too will hit that new milestone. Notice I call it a milestone not a millstone.  His […]

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