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How To React To The Unexpected Part 2: Resigning Well

  Is there a right way to resign and a wrong way, you betya there is. And like anyone, employees will usually see it from their side. Let’s take a look at the realities of how an employer feels and acts when it happens. Hopefully it will help both sides with this type of transition. […]

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I Cracked A Funny, Was I On The Money? Interview Humour: Yay or Nay?

There are going to be polarising views on this one, is it totally inappropriate or a showstopper that leaves an impression? Here’s my take. In many industries including my specialty area, Aviation, we can see 10-20 people during assessment days. That’s tiring and when you are tired, disinterest or a short attention span can seep […]

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Airlines Seek Pilots with Great Soft Skills

I just read a great blog by that chap who landed his A320 in the Hudson, you know the guy. He was talking about how to manage “the unexpected” and part of that was placing more value on something that the industry calls “soft skills”. Now soft skills encompass a range of personality and behavioural […]

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I’ve Got A Flight Attendant Interview – I’m Nervous! How Do I Perform At My Best?

By this stage in your Cabin Crew career goals, you will know what to expect if you have done the coaching training with us. That’s half the battle. The other half is performing well on the day. The two key areas are: – Managing nerves – Maintaining a gracious level of self confidence Nobody performs […]

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You’ve Waited 8 Years & You’ve Failed Your Pilot Assessment Day?

Wow, you’ve progressed to the Pilot Assessment Day with this Iconic Legacy Carrier, well done! You’ve been waiting over 8 years for this, and its now right in front of you. So I’d like to ask how your preparation is going? Why I ask is simple.  Two recent pilot candidates, who were among the very […]

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What To Expect at the Cabin Crew Assessment Day?

So you’ve decided to give it a go – yay! Our specialist Cabin Crew Coach is here to guide you, she has flown with two of the biggest airlines in Europe and Australasia, there is nothing she does not know and she and our coaching team are always up for a chat. The Assessment Day […]

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Is this what’s stopping your Flight Attendant Career?

Getting a start as Cabin Crew at an airline is not just hard, but nearly impossible. INCORRECT! While these roles are coveted, airlines recruit regularly especially when expanding routes and taking on new aircraft. Both things are occurring right now in the industry. So this a great time to embark on this career path. The […]

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Flying Schools Teach Flying, But What About The Soft Skills Pilots Need To Enter The Workforce?

Why is it important for Flying Schools to support graduating pilots with “soft skills” to enter the workforce? Because this not only benefits the newly qualified pilot but the flying school as well. The more pilots who gain pilot jobs after completing their CPL and Instrument Rating, the better the reputation of the flying school.  […]

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Deciphering Pilot Cadet Programs

Each airline cadet program differs so you will need to do your research. To take some of the confusion out, here is a brief run down and a few inside tips. Ab Initio Programs This means you have totally fresh, you don’t have to have any flying experience at all, although you could have a […]

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What is an Airline “Video Interview”?

Both Pilots and Cabin Crew are now being asked by an increasing number of airlines to complete a “Video Interview”. This is usually the second stage of the recruitment process following your application and resume. The Video Interview is an automated system where you record your answers to between 3-10 questions. These questions differ from airline […]

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