How To answer, “What have you been doing post redundancy?”

“What have you been doing since redundancy?” is one of many questions Flight and Cabin Crew have been faced with as aviation jobs start to reopen and it feels really loaded.  But it isn’t. Nope, there is no hidden agenda with this question. It is a great question to get to know you. So I […]

Virgin-750 Corporate Jobs To Go, Could There Be More? What You Need To Do Now

Job cuts are coming and in aviation, an extremely cyclic industry, it is something we have become accustomed to. Virgin Australia have announced under their new CEO, that due to losses over the last seven consecutive years 750 Corporate and Head Office Jobs will go.  Industry murmurs imply that number could be greater, even doubled. That’s […]

Will There Be A Pilot Career Path In 20 Years? The AI Discussion

Will there still be pilot career paths in twenty years? Great question. So before we go on, for all those burgeoning pilots in flying schools and airline cadetship around the world, the answer it is a resounding yes. The landscape of your career may not, in fact, will not, look the same but that in […]

Didn’t get the job? Here are the top 10 things employers say are deal breakers.

What goes wrong in interviews with great candidates. Well I’ll tell you. After speaking with 2 recruiters, 3 HR people and 2 CEO’s across the Aviation, Finance and Marketing Industries I narrowed their comments down to 10 things that were clear deal breakers. Plus I’ve added a few tips to consider and prepare for prior […]

Before You Complete Your CPL You Must Do This

Before You Complete Your CPL, You Must Do This If you want to pursue an airline pilot career sooner rather than later, then I suggest you do not complete your CPL, or as least cover your bases before you do. Flying schools want students to complete their PPL to CPL training, that’s what they singed […]


In order to get better at something we have to listen to those who participate in them. Both sides that is. Most interviews are created from the point of view of the employer. The things the employer needs for a particular role around culture, potential, skills, attributes and outcomes. I decided to turn it on […]


There is a lot of talk around about pilots and expat airline staff returning to their countries of origin now that many airlines have been in boom and growth for a couple of years.  But not everyone is going home. Some are choosing to fill the gaps in senior roles and flight crew roles created […]