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Pinstripe Solutions uniquely tailors to Aviation Employers needs through:

  • Outplacement
  • Marketing your pilot positions
  • Find a pilot– Search for individual airline / pilot matches
  • Pre-employment screening

Specialised Pilot Outplacement Services

It is critical to Flight Crew that they receive tailored, Airline specific assistance during their transition to a new airline. A generic outplacement service will not cover all the specific areas Pilots will be tested on while interviewing for new roles.

We are able to offer transitioning pilots a 360 degree preparation and practice through:

  • Airline specific Resume and Cover Letter Preparation
  • Airline Interview Skills (Video interview and panel interview coaching)
  • SIM practice (3 different simulators available)
  • Aptitude Test Practice (we have the worlds leading airline Aptitude Testing software and hands on platform)
  • Documentation concerning Technical Questions / Group Exercises and Planning Exercises particular to specific airlines

Email or call (+61) 416 272 449 today to discuss our Outplacement Program further.

Marketing your Pilot Positions

If you have a vacancy to fill with quality staff, who meet your minimum requirements, Pinstripe Solutions can help you market your role to our large network of pilots. We can advertise your role on our jobs page, newsletter and Social networks. Contact us for options, network data & pricing.

Find A Pilot

Do you have a pilot vacancy to fill and you would like Pinstripe staff to personally contact the most suitable candidates on our database and networks? We can help. Pinstripe can scout and pre-screen suitable candidates for you based on your minimum requirements. Our database consists of thousands of pilot currently seeking new roles as well as past candidates who we can contact confidentially on you behalf. Contact us for options & pricing.

Pre-employment Screening 

Pinstripe Solutions offers specialised pre-employment screening that significantly reduces pilot recruitment costs while improving candidate standards. Pre-screening also drastically reduces Pilot failure rates and associated costs.

The Core Objective of pre-screening

To produce a short list of pre-screened pilot candidates of the highest skill/technical competency, cultural fit, and motivational standards appropriate for the role they will be performing at the Airline, at a significantly reduced cost to the airline compared to traditional Airline recruitment.

What will the process involve?

We screen pilots who meet your airline minimum requirements on five skills/assessment based categories. Our aviation and recruitment experts will provide the airline with a rating based report under each category. As the airline, you select the candidates based on their ratings and conduct a final interview armed with the assessment performance data that Pilot Recruitment provides. Our pre-screening program ensures your pilot candidates are tested on Aptitude, Technical, SIM & Behavioural components as well as thorough reference checking.

Contact us today to find out more about the specific process and benefits to the airline.