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Australian Defence Force Preparation Programs

ADF pilots and aircrew

If you have always wanted to be a RAAF pilot, or take on one of the exciting Flight Crew roles within the ADF then you have to know how to be an Officer first and we are here to help every step of the way.

There are over 20 flying roles, from fast jet pilots to in flight refueler pilots to Black Hawk helicopter pilots to consider.

Maybe you want to be up there beside the pilots, then take a look at all the exciting Flight Crew roles you can consider; MAC (Mission Aircrew), OA (Officer Aviation), ACO, WSO (Weapons System Officers)

Ask us for our 6-page fact sheet on entry level Officer careers, or book in a Mentor Session with our Specialist ADF Mentor, he knows all there is to know!

1. about to apply for an ADF role?

Resume Template Pack FOR ADF ROLE – $139

This Resume Template and Cover Letter Template are designed specifically for ADF Entry Level Pilots.

Each pack contains a WORD Version to edit & personalise plus a PDF Version with in-depth content suggestions.

Plus each pack includes a 7-page guide on how to “Rescue Your Resume” containing many valuable tips and insights.

Includes 20min design edit and amend (of the resume template only- not the copy).



As you know, airlines often require:

– Cover Letters
– Detailed Application Question Answers
– Or Motivational Letters.

They always like to see these written in your own language as it helps to understand you as a candidate. We are here to help with this aspect.

Please allow a minimum of 2-3 days for turnaround of copy.


MENTOR SESSION with ADF Specialist – $98

A Mentor Session tailored solely to the questions or issues you are facing as a cabin crew member or aspiring cabin crew member.

Helping you gain clarity, confidence and perspective.


2. preparing for your ADF interview?


Your 60-page guide to understanding and preparing for the OBS Officer Selection Board.

Product delivered by download.Work through a variety of exercises that help you define your strengths, decide why you wish to work for the Defence Force, manage career hiccups, select strong examples and guide you in your presentation.

We also provide insight into the ADF aptitudes and capability requirements.The Workbook is essential in ensuring you are ready for coaching and the final step of your preparation.


Essential coaching for ADF (1h) $259

1 hour with Australia’s most experienced aviation interview coaching Team, lead by Aviation Expert, Kirsty Ferguson via SKYPE.

Throughout our program we will cover all aspects of what to expect for the OSB Officer Selection Board.

We will cover:
– understanding the Behavioural Interview Techniques;
– the SOP’s for answering the dreaded Open Ended Questions and Example Questions;
– conduct a mini Mock Interview.

You also get Unlimited email support prior to your interview.

The OSB process has recently changed and we will discuss all aspects of your preparation including the Psychologist interview.


How to become a military pilot – Ebook $27

All the information you will need in one easy-to-access recently updated ebook in pdf format.

100 000 candidates walk into Military recruiting worldwide every year wanting to be a pilot. Of those, the Military will accept about 1% for the pilot course and then only about 50% of those talented individuals will graduate. Be one of those graduates! Read this book and have the ‘Combat Edge’ over the competition.

Written by Military Qualified Flying Instructors who have been there, done it and taught it! For the first time, all the information you will need is in one place. Our eBook includes photos and links to current sites for further research.


How to ACE ADF Aircrew recruiting – Ebook $37

Want to join the elite ranks of ADF aircrew? Sick of looking at numerous websites with conflicting information trying to find out about the ADF aircrew recruitment process?

Over it, well so are we!

Finally here is the latest scoop you will need, all located in the one place. Written exclusively by ADF aircrew and based on the personal experience of those who have gone before you, this eBook contains real-time gouge on exactly what you will need to ace this extensive process.

No BS, no fluff. Starting at ADF entry requirements, we detail the YOU day, assessment day, provide detailed hot tips on how to breeze through the computer-based aircrew testing and the selection board. We also tell you about the PC-21 and what it is like to fly.

Secure your copy now and we will throw in for a free a Podcast and eBook about how to become a successful fighter pilot for free. Written exclusively by Get Your Wings aircrew for future aircrew.


How to Become an adf pilot – Ebook $37

How to Become an Australian Defence Force Pilot will help you get that ADF pilot job. More than a thousand candidates walk into ADF recruiting every year wanting to be a pilot. Of those, the ADF will accept just over 100 candidates for the pilot’s course – and of these only 50 will graduate.

Be one of the 50 who will have a set of military wings pinned to their chest!Be a rock star on your ADF Pilot aptitude testing and pilot training. For the first time, all the secret information that you are not told is here in the one place written specifically for the Australian market written by ADF Qualified Flying Instructors who have been there, done it and taught it.

How to Become an Australian Defence Force Pilot’ combines practical skills development tips, essential knowledge and warries (or lessons) learnt the hard way. It is your proven bestselling handbook essential for breezing through your training and providing a solid foundation for the development of lifelong skills. Make your purchase today to invest in your future as an ADF pilot! Written by Pilots for Pilots.