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Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #2 – I’m 18 and I didn’t get the cadetship, I’m not good enough

It’s Myth # 2: I’m 18 and I didn’t get the cadetship, I’m not good enough.

Devastating I know, but, and a very big but, that is not the end of career before it starts, there are other options that I will cover later in my Myth Series.

For now, if you received a no at 18 or 19 straight outa school, then it is often for one reason… a lack of life experience. I know you can’t help that, but the airline wants to be sure you can commit for the lets say, 7 years they need from you, so they want you to be ready.

Often you will be told, reapply in 12 months. You know what that really means? It means, you have the right qualities, we can see we can train you, we just need you go out into the big wide world and gain a little hands on practical life experience.

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