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Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #1 – Airline Cadetships or Traineeships, What Age is Too Old

It’s Myth # 1 because there will be more, more short sharp bits of info about becoming a pilot in order to debunk all the palaver floating about in the pilot stratosphere about this topic.

OK, here goes… Airline Cadetships or Traineeships, you can be 18, 25, 32, 38, 40, 42 or 44 (that’s my oldest) and be considered for an Airline Pilot Cadet Program. Oh, and all the numbers in between, not just those specific ages, for all those literal aspiring pilots.

Regional Turbo Prop Airlines like mature age candidates, or shall we say, candidates with life experience. Mainline airlines (the big carriers with Jets) seem to prefer to get you in and trained whilst youngish, say under 28 (just a guide).

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