Commercial Airline Pilot Cadet Preparation

SimApplying for a Commercial Airline Cadetship Program is highly contested. The airline is looking at your motivation, hands-on flying aptitude and your ability to pass the technical/theory of flight training. They also assess how you fit into the culture of their airline team.

There are 2 kinds of cadetships offered by airlines:
1. The Ab Initio Cadetship – for pilots with little or no flying hours.
2. The Advanced Cadetship – for pilots who have low flying hours, usually under 1000 (every airline differs in this regard).

Each part of your recruitment process is rated by the airline and without the correct preparation it is difficult to pass each section of the screening process.  Plus you will be up against hundreds of other potential pilot candidates, so competition is fierce. Pinstripe Solutions is here to help you through each stage.

Here’s what a recently successful cadet candidate has to say about Pinstripe’s services:

Whenever I needed help, you were always available. Your coaching helped me
have the confidence to answer any question that I faced throughout my selection process with Rex.
Your skills and knowledge in both recruitment and interview coaching are priceless, combined with your knowledge of the aviation industry.  Pinstripe Solutions greatly boosted my chances in receiving a cadetship with Rex. Kirsty is a fantastic person who is very professional and I would highly recomend her to anyone doing an interview or wanting to receive advice in the aviation industry.

Preparing Your Application

The key to gaining a cadet program interview at a Commercial Airline is to have an application that answers the airlines’ selection criteria and highlights your potential for this career path.

We know what the airline is looking for and our program helps you prepare:

Application Preparation covers all of the above documents and is $285.00 ex GST
(This phase is conducted by email).

Panel Interview Training – 1 hour 30min

It is extremely important that you know what questions to expect and the correct format with which to answer the panel interview questions.  The panel is made up of an HR Expert, a Senior Captain and often a Psychologist.  It is very difficult to get through this interview without undergoing training in the correct interview technique.  The panel will know within 2 questions whether you have prepared correctly for this part of the process or not.

Our Interview Training prepares you to answer the questions in the expected format and be prepared for every question you will be asked.  We teach you the Behavioural Interview Technique, help you find the right examples to use and prepare you to navigate the interview successfully.
Interview Training fee per person $275.00 ex GST and can be conducted in Sydney or via Skype nationally or internationally.

How To Get Your First Pilot Job Workbook/h4>

This comprehensive workbook contains over 60 pages of insights and exercises to prepare to gain to your first pilot role.

– Career Paths (Cadetships, General Aviation, Defence Force)
– On-Line Applications
– Marketing Yourself
– Preparing for interviews
– Understanding the basics of the Behavioural Interview Technique
– Understand what employers want in a Pilot and how to decide on and present your strengths
– Vital list of pilot career trainers
– Listings of Airline Cadetship Programs, General Aviation Companies, Instructing/Flying School Employers
– Armed Services Career outlines
This comprehensive workbook is $75 ex GST and is supplied via e-mail.

Pinstripe Solutions offers package deal pricing if more than one product is purchased. Contact us to find out more.

[box border=”full”]Pinstripe Solutions specialises in Behavioural Interview Training, preparation for Panel interviews, resumes, cover letters and online applications. We also offer Flight Simulator training with RAAF and Commercial Airline pilots as well as tailored Aptitude Practise Testing through our sister company Pilot Recruitment.[/box]

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to email or call 0416 272 449.

 *The training and information/advice as described above or provided during our coaching and training sessions, in no way provide a guarantee of entry into a commercial airline cadetship program. Pinstripe Solutions is in no way associated with or endorsed by any Government or Industry body.

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