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Pinstripe Press Headlines
  • Pinstripes Press Headlines

    Breaking News 04.07.2017


    First & Second Officer positions - NZ and Australia Based
    This is your opportunity to join Virgin Australia. Have you got the minimum requirements below?
    • 1,000 hours Total Experience
    • 500 hours Multi-Engine
    • 500 hours PIC
    Click here for more information.

    Bases include: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Auckland, and Christchurch.
    Opportunities in Australia: Boeing 737 First Officer, Fokker 100 First Officer, Boeing 777 Second Officer, ATR 72 First Officer.

    If this is you, we would love to help you through the recruitment process. Contact us for more information on how we can make you stand out from other candidates.

    What We Do

    For Candidates

    Pinstripe Solutions has been preparing candidates to succeed in their careers since 2000, specialising in Aviation, Defence Forces and Emergency Services. Our work in Aviation covers both Pilot and Cabin Crew roles for over 40 different airlines worldwide. We support you from resume preparation right through to the interview process and any industry specific testing. Our courses, products and one-on-one mentoring are designed to your individual needs.

    For Aviation Employers

    Pinstripe has become an internationally recognised hub for all things aviation.  Our extensive candidate database and social networks offer Aviation Employers the opportunity to connect directly with high quality candidates, market vacancies and manage employee transitions.

    “I’ve applied for a job with Qantas three times before getting in touch with Pinstripe. The results were instant; I got through and have already started my training” Paul Smith – Qantas Captain

    Meet Kirsty
    Pinstripe Solutions Founder


    ‘Thinking about it, ending up in the aviation industry was not really a surprise. My dad was a WWII Pilot and a keen plane spotter. As kids he would often take us to the observation deck of Auckland airport. We loved it and it became a regular adventure.

    My first foray into the world of Recruitment was rewarded by a win in the Telstra Industry Small Business Awards; shortly after Pinstripe Solutions carved out a niche in the aviation sector.’

    “I get to help people strive for their career dreams every day. Your emails, courage and dedication continue to inspire me. I cannot think of anything else I would rather do”


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